The Exercise of the White Light

Chanting magnetises each cell of the body.

It is not a wonder, that the chant remains with one, wherever one goes. It goes on in the background.

We lay down to rest. Eyes are closed.

Chant is going on in the background.

What now?

Let it go on?

Alternatively, you could do the exercise of the light.

Imagine a pitch dark cave.

You are in the cave.

The entrance is completely blocked by a boulder.

The boulder has a crack, though, through which white light is coming in.


Whiter than white.


As white as it gets.

And then whiter.

Imagine the crack getting bigger.

More white light comes in.

White light engulfs you.

You are in the white light.

The white light is in you.

Remain in the white light.

Guide it to your aches and pains.

Fall asleep in the white light.

You will be amazed at how fast your body recuperates and then some.

What have you achieved?

Two things.

You now have something extremely constructive to do between the time that eyes are closed and the time that you fall asleep.

Also, you are simultaneously then not chanting with eyes closed.


Why is Daimoku happening to me?

Good things are assets, so why do I even need to ask such a question? 

I was just wondering… 

I was spreading goodness before it happened. 

It was a quiet meaningful life. 

There were gaps to reflect. Recreation was ample. 

I was content. 

Then I fell sick. 

I wrote to one of the charities I patronize about my illness :

Dear Friends @ OGQ,

Congratulations on your successes. You are on the right path, and have crossed the baby-steps stage. Now, as favourable results start trickling in, it’s time to buckle up and ride to the maximum. Well done!

Today, I’d like to share with you, that I’m hale and hearty, and fully recovered from a lung surgery in late January. 

My illness came in a flash, out of the blue. It turned our lives upside down, and was a harrowing time for the entire family. One moment, I was fine, and in the next, I was in deep trouble. 

An exceptionally violent single bout of very quick and convulsive vomiting led to a tear in my food pipe, through which food and liquid leaked into a lung. By the grace of God, the other lung was mostly intact. I was hospitalised under great pain, and found it very difficult to breathe, because each breath was very painful. 

Though the hospital was able to stabilise me, they could not diagnose the condition for five days, and the lung was kind of diminishing in size as per the X-ray. I was then transferred to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where I was immediately correctly diagnosed, and underwent thoracic robotic surgery, which is relatively minimally invasive. 

The stroke of luck was that in Sir Ganga Ram hospital, they had the technology for this kind of surgery. The other option would have been a huge cut, cutting through the rib-cage, and manual cleaning of the lung with gloved hands and water. Recovery from such a surgery would have taken over 3 months, and might not have been a full one. As part of the aftermath of the  thoracic robotic surgery performed, I was put on the treadmill 8 hours after returning from the operation theatre, so that the contracting lung would start to expand. 

It was quite a sight and experience. Here I was, with four pipes coming out of my body, 2 machines connected, 3 biggish to big wounds on my upper body, in pain, hungry and thirsty (because nothing was allowed through the mouth), doing treadmill 4 times a day, half an hour each time! They made it very clear, that if I wanted a full recovery, this was the only way. I squeezed out every drop of energy and will-power left in my system, and puffing and panting and moaning and groaning, I went through the regimen. To lessen the pain, there was an epidural in my back, and I was supposed to push a button in my hand, which would inject painkiller into my spine. This continued for five days. Then they removed the epidural. Pain had stabilized, and was controllable though pills. Treadmill regimen continued, and I was being made to climb seven floors of stairs seven times a day in addition. Still no food and water, only nutrition through food-pipe going straight to the small intestine, drop by drop, five times a day, for 4 weeks. Lost 15 kilos.  

Meanwhile, let me narrate more about my good fortune in this whole thing. Dr. Arvind Kumar was leading the team of surgeons. He is the best man in India for thoracic robotic surgery, and he was available at the hospital I was in. He was not travelling. He created space for me in the operation theatre. I responded to the minimal sized tubes, and they did not need to scale the surgery up. Upon onset of high fever after the surgery, they were fearing return of infection and did everything in their power to make the lung expand instead of contract. When fever was not coming down, they resorted to boxing the operation site for half an hour on two occasions, so as to throw secretions out of the lung through force. This worked, and fever came down. Was excruciatingly painful, though. Nevertheless, I’ll take it! Once fever come down, recovery set in. 

Upon discharge, I looked like a prisoner from a concentration camp. Slowly, all pipes and machines were removed. External food pipe was removed too, and I was started on small quantities of liquids for 2 weeks. Then I was allowed soft food for another 2 weeks. Currently, I am allowed to eat everything, as long as it is not edgy and very hard. 

I do reflect upon my good fortune of getting saved without any lingering ailment or negative effect of surgery. Worst-case scenarios didn’t happen. I’m whole again. Why was I granted the good fortune? Many people prayed for me, some extensively. A few undertook pilgrimages. Why for me?

Then it dawned upon me. It’s because of my charity work. Charity makes one a pivot point in the lives of others. Take away the pivot, and many lives are affected, not just the pivot. Nature thinks very, very hard before taking away any pivots, or even before allowing pivots to diminish in energy. Nature wants its pivots to grow and glow. 

As OGQ members, you are pivots in the lives of your athletes. You are also pivotal for your country. You are doing a great thing. Now do it with 200% more conviction, after having read the above narration. 

Best regards and sincerely,


I left out in this story that chanting by Vasant, Mandira and whoever they shared this with actually lifted me out of my predicament at all crucial points, when things could have gone the other way. I do believe this is true. 

I reasoned with myself. There was gratitude. I decided to give it a try. Leaders started appearing, three actively, fourth ready to act. I started to chant. Gongyo through YouTube. Life got busier. Gaps got filled. No time left to ruminate. Only time to act. I act with full fervour. 

I was a small beacon earlier. 

Through whatever little chanting that has taken place, I’ve become a slightly larger beacon today. 

That’s probably why! 

Why Aren’t You Asking?

The Buddhas : Why aren’t you asking?

UN : I’m satisfied. One doesn’t always need to ask while chanting.

The Buddhas : You used to ask. You asked for another child. You asked for friendship with another person. Those were intense prayers. What’s happened to them? Why aren’t they coming now?

UN : That was some time ago.

The Buddhas : But you asked for many, many years. It was felt. 

UN : It’s ok. Not every prayer needs to be answered. 

The Buddhas : But now you have the tool. Ask while you chant.

UN : I’m not sure I want those things anymore.

The Buddhas : Why?

UN : By having either of the 2 wishes in question granted, I do realise now that I’ll be disturbing the harmony of my immediate family. Anyway, the tears have dried up now. I’m probably beyond the longing. 

The Buddhas : But what if one of us wants to come?

UN : Go to a family where every family member wants you, not just one.

The Buddhas : There are few vibratory matches. You need to help us out here for the greater good. 

UN : I’ll need to convince the other family members. That’s almost impossible. 

The Buddhas : Try.

UN : Ok.
The Buddhas : What about your friendship? You don’t want it?

UN : Do you see any way of giving me that friendship without disturbing my family’s harmony?

The Buddhas : It’s a tough one. However, you have to want it first, before we think about giving it.

UN : What’s so important about this friendship?

The Buddhas : She’s connected to one of our leaders. If you’re connected to her, the triangle becomes very strong indeed. Anyone inside the triangle will start to transform. 

UN : You know what, you figure this one out. It’s beyond me. 

The Buddhas : Ok. 

The Thing about the Eyes

Closing one’s eyes comes naturally, especially while chanting a mantra.
However, one needs to watch out against this natural reflex while chanting NamMyoHoRengeKyo. 
NamMyoHoRengeKyo (NMHRK) seems to be about connection and spreading outwards, such being the need of the hour. 
Closing one’s eyes while chanting NMHRK causes vibration to accumulate in the area of the main chakra between the eyebrows. 
In most of us, living in today’s day and age, this main chakra is closed or party open only, due to our lifestyles, myself included.  
In very few is this chakra fully open, due to the maintenance of a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. 
Closing one’s eyes for longish periods while chanting NMHRK with a closed or only partially open main chakra between the eyebrows can cause harm to this chakra. 
In extreme cases, where NMHRK is chanted vigorously for long periods with closed eyes, this chakra could even explode. 
Harm to the main chakra between the eyebrows affects all chakras in the body, since the main chakra has a controlling effect on all of these. 
Ill-functioning chakras lead to ill-health and abnormal development in the body.
Thus it makes complete sense to chant NMHRK with eyes open.

That’s Us Coming In

The Buddhas : That’s us coming in.

UN : What do you mean?

The Buddhas : You do provide us the means.

UN : The means for what?

The Buddhas : When you chant with your voice, we can latch on to your vibration better.

UN : I see. And then.

The Buddhas : We add, subtract, intermingle, soften, expose, extract, loosen, inject, what have you. 

UN : You do all this to what?

The Buddhas : To strands of Karma. Your Karma.

UN : Is it that easy?

The Buddhas : It’s not a question of easy. It’s a question of you giving us the means to do it or you not giving us the means to do so.

UN : Is that kind of interference allowed by universal law?

The Buddhas : It’s your Karma, it will play out. We’re looking to make it play out in the highest and the best way for you, whatever is in the realm of possibility. 

UN : So when I chant vocally, I give you the means?

The Buddhas : In an enhanced fashion. It becomes easy for us to fit. Make sure you roar the next time. 

One on One with the Chant

UN : I would like a seat.

The Chant (TC) : Make a seat for yourself. You have a big house. 

UN : I would like a seat which is not at the cost of something else.

TC : So you want a seat for free?

UN : I don’t wish to sacrifice family harmony in lieu for a seat.

TC : Ok. Seat will open. You need to get some family Karma out of the way before it opens. 

UN : Also, I don’t want a seat at the cost of my profession.

TC : Why? 

UN : I’ve fought very hard to put my profession together. 

TC : Fine. You’ll need to get some professional Karma out of the way, then.

UN : Before seat opens?

TC : Yes. 

UN : I mean, the current window for a “seat” is a bit of a killer.

TC : So what? I need to see how steadfast you are. Cling to me.

UN : On the treadmill, at 6 kmh, balancing, puffing and panting, and chanting – what if I fall?

TC : Cling to me. You’ll be fine. 

UN : Can’t it just be a straight-forward seat?

TC : It will be. First prove your steadfastness. Also, get your Gongyo going properly.

UN : Gongyo gets going properly with proper seat.

TC : Oh, a trade-off, is it?

UN : I do have some kind of say in it, or not? And what about meeting windows?

TC : What about them?

UN : I’ll need to show up at a meeting some time or the other. When does that window open?

TC : Do you want to show up?

UN : I don’t mind, but not at the cost of professional appointments or family harmony.

TC : And if those two are not affected, then do you want to show up?

UN : I’ll definitely give it a try.

TC : Over a one year period, some meeting windows will open. 

UN : When do they start opening? 

TC : Over the next six weeks, at least one meeting window will open.

UN : And be successfully utilized?

TC : Yes. 

UN : Ok, thanks, bye.

TC : Bye. 

Is There Any Greed in my Equation?

  • I used to be greedy. 
  • In school, I was greedy for marks. By college, I had evolved, and didn’t bother about marks too much.
  • In finance, I used to be greedy for money. After I had secured my family, this blew over. I got into charitable deeds. 
  • In spirituality, I used to be greedy for too much progress, too fast. 
  • This kept repeating. 
  • A cycle would finish with too much progress too fast leading to harm. 
  • There would be a no-man’s-land period. 
  • A fresh cycle would start. 
  • With Daimoku, a fresh cycle has started. 
  • Am I greedy for spiritual progress?
  • No. 
  • Why?
  • I’ve been beaten down by my greed. It’s not worth it. I realise this now. 
  • There’s no greed left. It’s been beaten out. 
  • However, I take what I get. 
  •  When there’s opportunity, I go all out.
  • Is this greed?
  • No. 
  • Is it opportunism?
  • No. 
  • What is it then?
  • Nothing. 
  • It’s normal behaviour. 
  • One takes what one gets and doesn’t bother about anything else. 
  • That’s what it is. 
  • Why is this happening like it is?
  • One needs to be exposed to digestible quanta. This way there’s consistent growth.
  • Nature’s only throwing digestible quanta at me. It is aware of my latent nature and my History.