You again? Why do you keep coming to this space?

I can’t relate to most of what’s going on in my dimension.

But that’s the whole thing, your task I mean.

Everyone needs a change. Besides, I recuperate here.

All right, what is it this time?

I just like observing you. At work and stuff. What are you doing just now?

Currently, if you must know, I’m channelizing shift energy.

Hasn’t the shift already happened?

It’s a slow multi-dimensional process.

I see.

People like me take the good deeds on Earth and…


Amplify their vibrations in one place.

What’s the use of that?

It counters pockets of negative vibrations and pushes them away…

I got it – into the other pole of the shift.

Good, you are getting smarter. Well, that’s the idea.

So that both poles of the shift move apart in a smoother fashion?


So when’s the New Earth gonna be ready?

It’s in the process. Instead of being impatient, why don’t you help me?

And how would I do that?

By explaining to your friends what this New Earth shift business is.

That’s tough. We’ve got too many rational thinkers back home.

Paint some kind of picture for them, it’ll makes our task much easier.

How’s that?

For one, people in your dimension then start to focus on doing more good.


And subconsciously let us direct their positive vibrations more easily.

Ok, I’ll try harder.

Good. Off with you, then.




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