So how would it work, this shift thingie?

Well, imagine 2 sets of vibrations living together.


One is fine, and the other coarse.

As volunteers keep pouring in, the finer vibration keeps getting even finer. Existing fine vibration resonates with that which is pouring in. Energies are exchanged. The resultant is one total fine vibration, and it keeps getting finer and finer.

I’m with you so far.

Next, imagine the coarser vibration. In the doers of dark deeds, it keeps getting coarser and coarser if they continue with their dark deeds.

I see.

In the end, the 2 vibrations we speak about move so far apart on the spectrum, that they can’t percieve each other anymore.

Wow! You mean they exist in the same space, but the finer vibration ultimately moves to another dimension, right?

Correct. That’s the shift. And it’s gonna happen soon.


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