What’s your lot in life, UDN?

Man, I’ve come here to evolve, okay…

Relationship, marriage, kid, business, what’s all that got to do with evolution? More like devolution, if there is such a word………. one uhhpp!

It’s got everything to do with evolution. One grows through friction. There’s struggle in these avenues, bringing out one’s worst but also one’s best, and one stands face to face with one’s faults, and evolution occurs when each fault is annihilated one by one…

And what if these avenues are smooth for one, pal, I mean those in a smooth relationship with spouse and kid, and with a great business, those must be the most evolved people around, right?

Well, you know, maybe, and maybe not. If everything’s smooth, one starts devolving pretty soon. One gets lazy owing to the smoothness of things, and then devolving habits can start latching on to one if one is not watchful…..which one is not, because one has become lazy, remember?

So what you’re saying is that there needs to be at least one or perhaps a couple of scenarios in the life of the evolving entity that push the entity to the wall, thereby extracting emergency responses that develop the entity’s reflexes and wash all sloth from the entity’s system.

Something like that. To evolve, one needs to be kept on one’s toes.

Phew, tough cookie, baby.

Well, to call a spade a spade, that’s how it is…… so long.



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