game over ??

bear with me for 20 tweets
raging planet, burning fields
atmosphere, thick n gray
where to hide, where to play
oceans drown in mercury
stuff them with yr extra waste
mountains bleeding carbonate
anger, murder, tarnish, hate
ain’t no water bang the moon
if it’s there get it soon
just consume, think no more
who cares what’s in store
terminator storyline
10 years on, will we be fine?
those in power rob hit slay
time to stop, time to pray
cancer cancer burning bright
tho’ u’r strong, we shall fight
mental brahmins to the fore
it’s a battle of the mind
mind’s the only one to win
over n-dimensional sin
mind is power, mind is free
use it now for us to be
delivered from a deadly end
with lots to mend, n lots to mend


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