I’m busy. Go away.

And what, pray, are u so busy with?

None of your business.

OK, but not before I’ve shown you this.


Look around you. Don’t you sense it?

You mean the shift?

Yes. You know about it?

Know? I’m part of it. So are you.

You mean everyone is a part of it?

Does you mean everyone?

No, I just thought…

Some are, and some are not.


Those who are, are undergoing radical physical, mental and solular changes currently.

Oh. And why?

To deal with and survive this endgame type of extreme current scenario.

And what type of changes?

Genetic. Molecular. Evolutionary. You name it.

And those who are not undergoing these changes?

They are not going to survive the extreme nature of these times.

And why are they not undergoing these changes?

They don’t have the Karma to pay for them.

And what type of energy is causing these bodily changes?

Many energies, multitudes of them. Depends on what type of change one is undergoing.

And where do these energies come from?

From dimensions outside of our three.

You mean to say such dimensions exist?

Just because humans can perceive in just three dimensions, it doesn’t mean that there is no existence beyond 3D.

And why are these energies helping us?

The universe is trying to prevent a holocaust.


Because mass-destruction here will have a ripple-effect across the universe, spreading anomalies and disease.

Phewww, that’s something.

Buzz off now, told you I was busy.

Ok bye.



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