Splashing Energy for Survival


What’re you doing here again?

I need a break now and then. I can come and talk to you, right?

Don’t you understand, you need to be doing your stuff in your dimension. Get proactive, please.


Splash your energy around, get similarly oriented people motivated, use your imagination. It’s now or never.

Splash my energy? Wouldn’t that make me look silly?

Oh Lord, he’s bothered about looking silly. God help us all.

Come on, it’s downright embarrasing to go around splashing one’s energy. How would one go about it anyways?

Speak to people, motivate them, write, touch, whatever works for you.

Touch? Why touch? People will think I’m crazy if I go about touching them.

Man, are you stupid or what? With touch there’s energy transfer.


Anyone working with the Shift needs to bring Shift-energy into circulation. The people you motivate will do their bit and so on and so forth, till the thrust of the circulation is irrevocable.

Funny thing, I do like touching people.

Hurray, he likes touching people! So just ahead and do it.

Feel kinda drained after that.

That’s just it, you create a vacuum within yourself by such channelization. Thus more energy flows into you. There are unlimited reserves of energy around you. If you stop splashing it around, you stop the flow.

Does this mean everybody should start splashing their energies around?

Oh Lord, he just doesn’t get it, does he? Not everybody. Only those working towards positive energy circulation.

And that would include me?

No, it would include Ronald McDonald. Man, of course it would include you and anybody you or the likes of you can motivate enough to do the same.

All right, you don’t have to be rude.

Fine. If you’ve understood, then I think we’re done here.

Ok, one final question. Why’s it all so urgent?

No circulation means no shift means disaster. We’ve gone through the no-shift scenario. If not, then at least its meaning was implied.

And the urgency bit? Why now?

Because there’s a similar negative energy circulation well under way. It needs to be countered and overwhelmed by positive energy circulation. As simple as that.

Ok, now that you’ve said it in so many words, I’ve actually understood.

One final tip. When somebody shakes your hand, hold that person’s hand a little longer.

Well, am ok about that with girls, but with guys, hmmm, dunno about that.

Arghhh, this is not about holding hands with girls…!

Kidding, man, just kidding.


Bye, and thanks.

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