Is There Any Greed in my Equation?

  • I used to be greedy. 
  • In school, I was greedy for marks. By college, I had evolved, and didn’t bother about marks too much.
  • In finance, I used to be greedy for money. After I had secured my family, this blew over. I got into charitable deeds. 
  • In spirituality, I used to be greedy for too much progress, too fast. 
  • This kept repeating. 
  • A cycle would finish with too much progress too fast leading to harm. 
  • There would be a no-man’s-land period. 
  • A fresh cycle would start. 
  • With Daimoku, a fresh cycle has started. 
  • Am I greedy for spiritual progress?
  • No. 
  • Why?
  • I’ve been beaten down by my greed. It’s not worth it. I realise this now. 
  • There’s no greed left. It’s been beaten out. 
  • However, I take what I get. 
  •  When there’s opportunity, I go all out.
  • Is this greed?
  • No. 
  • Is it opportunism?
  • No. 
  • What is it then?
  • Nothing. 
  • It’s normal behaviour. 
  • One takes what one gets and doesn’t bother about anything else. 
  • That’s what it is. 
  • Why is this happening like it is?
  • One needs to be exposed to digestible quanta. This way there’s consistent growth.
  • Nature’s only throwing digestible quanta at me. It is aware of my latent nature and my History. 

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