Subtle changes occur in and around us everyday, in our environment, in people, in perspectives, in understanding, and in consciousness and life.

This is an effort to spread awareness about these subtle changes and their effect on mankind. These changes have been summed up as the “shift” by those evolved souls who have pioneered their implementation. You will meet some of them in the blogposts, which are basically a channelization of the information coming through.

It’s time we knew what the shift is about, so that we can make the transition with ease.

Awakening to subtle vibrations can be difficult at first, and needs a little push, since one has been used to coarser energies till now. However, circumstances are changing, and there’s a plethora of positive energies waiting to be tapped into.

Here’s wishing that you make a smooth shift towards these positive energies. Awareness about the shift will enable you to tune in more easily to the now readily available finer vibrations in our dimension.

All the best!

Uday Nath.

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