Are u gonna help me out?


Am in too deep. Pain’s not stopping. Nothing’s working.

Must’ve been something u’ve done. Such pain doesn’t just happen.

U mean this is my fault?

One creates one’s own hell, or heaven, for that matter.

But now it’s done, right? C’mon, get me out.

I mean I could do it.

Do what?

Get you out. But then the hell you’ve created will remain.

So you mean…

Yes, by suffering the pain you are undoing it into non-existence.

And how can I avoid this in the future?

Invest in your future. Create pockets of heaven for yourself.

How does one do that?

Are you stupid?

Seriously now, how?

By doing good.

I see. So I have no choice but to suffer this through for now?

Pain serves a purpose. It makes one evolve.

So those enjoying their heavens aren’t necessarily evolving.

Nope. They’re too busy enjoying themselves.


Unless repeated past pain has taught them to keep investing in their futures even while enjoying their heavens.

Wow, thanks. I’ll just go back and see this through.



I like your attitude. Best of luck and come again soon. So long now.