What is my Test here?

UN : I’ve been cheated. Monetary and emotionally.
The Buddhas : Yet, you have everything else going for yourself.
UN : Yes. Health, family, profession, all round comfort and joy.
The Buddhas : Except this one thing that’s happening to you.
UN : Yes. Everything else is 5-stars plus plus.
The Buddhas : So what do you think your test is, here?
UN : Looking beyond and enjoying what I have?
The Buddhas : Saying is one thing, doing is another.
UN : That one pinch spoils the taste.
The Buddhas : Your practice will bleach the effects of the pinch.
UN : After a chanting session, I don’t remember the pinch, till eventually reminded.
The Buddhas : Ask for capacity to look beyond this incident, while chanting. Soon, you’ll forget the pinch altogether.

Why Aren’t You Asking?

The Buddhas : Why aren’t you asking?

UN : I’m satisfied. One doesn’t always need to ask while chanting.

The Buddhas : You used to ask. You asked for another child. You asked for friendship with another person. Those were intense prayers. What’s happened to them? Why aren’t they coming now?

UN : That was some time ago.

The Buddhas : But you asked for many, many years. It was felt. 

UN : It’s ok. Not every prayer needs to be answered. 

The Buddhas : But now you have the tool. Ask while you chant.

UN : I’m not sure I want those things anymore.

The Buddhas : Why?

UN : By having either of the 2 wishes in question granted, I do realise now that I’ll be disturbing the harmony of my immediate family. Anyway, the tears have dried up now. I’m probably beyond the longing. 

The Buddhas : But what if one of us wants to come?

UN : Go to a family where every family member wants you, not just one.

The Buddhas : There are few vibratory matches. You need to help us out here for the greater good. 

UN : I’ll need to convince the other family members. That’s almost impossible. 

The Buddhas : Try.

UN : Ok.
The Buddhas : What about your friendship? You don’t want it?

UN : Do you see any way of giving me that friendship without disturbing my family’s harmony?

The Buddhas : It’s a tough one. However, you have to want it first, before we think about giving it.

UN : What’s so important about this friendship?

The Buddhas : She’s connected to one of our leaders. If you’re connected to her, the triangle becomes very strong indeed. Anyone inside the triangle will start to transform. 

UN : You know what, you figure this one out. It’s beyond me. 

The Buddhas : Ok. 

One on One with the Chant

UN : I would like a seat.

The Chant (TC) : Make a seat for yourself. You have a big house. 

UN : I would like a seat which is not at the cost of something else.

TC : So you want a seat for free?

UN : I don’t wish to sacrifice family harmony in lieu for a seat.

TC : Ok. Seat will open. You need to get some family Karma out of the way before it opens. 

UN : Also, I don’t want a seat at the cost of my profession.

TC : Why? 

UN : I’ve fought very hard to put my profession together. 

TC : Fine. You’ll need to get some professional Karma out of the way, then.

UN : Before seat opens?

TC : Yes. 

UN : I mean, the current window for a “seat” is a bit of a killer.

TC : So what? I need to see how steadfast you are. Cling to me.

UN : On the treadmill, at 6 kmh, balancing, puffing and panting, and chanting – what if I fall?

TC : Cling to me. You’ll be fine. 

UN : Can’t it just be a straight-forward seat?

TC : It will be. First prove your steadfastness. Also, get your Gongyo going properly.

UN : Gongyo gets going properly with proper seat.

TC : Oh, a trade-off, is it?

UN : I do have some kind of say in it, or not? And what about meeting windows?

TC : What about them?

UN : I’ll need to show up at a meeting some time or the other. When does that window open?

TC : Do you want to show up?

UN : I don’t mind, but not at the cost of professional appointments or family harmony.

TC : And if those two are not affected, then do you want to show up?

UN : I’ll definitely give it a try.

TC : Over a one year period, some meeting windows will open. 

UN : When do they start opening? 

TC : Over the next six weeks, at least one meeting window will open.

UN : And be successfully utilized?

TC : Yes. 

UN : Ok, thanks, bye.

TC : Bye.