That’s Us Coming In

The Buddhas : That’s us coming in.

UN : What do you mean?

The Buddhas : You do provide us the means.

UN : The means for what?

The Buddhas : When you chant with your voice, we can latch on to your vibration better.

UN : I see. And then.

The Buddhas : We add, subtract, intermingle, soften, expose, extract, loosen, inject, what have you. 

UN : You do all this to what?

The Buddhas : To strands of Karma. Your Karma.

UN : Is it that easy?

The Buddhas : It’s not a question of easy. It’s a question of you giving us the means to do it or you not giving us the means to do so.

UN : Is that kind of interference allowed by universal law?

The Buddhas : It’s your Karma, it will play out. We’re looking to make it play out in the highest and the best way for you, whatever is in the realm of possibility. 

UN : So when I chant vocally, I give you the means?

The Buddhas : In an enhanced fashion. It becomes easy for us to fit. Make sure you roar the next time.